Earl Oliver Anderson


Earl came to work with his father Oliver Anderson when he was five years old. In 1972 he became a partner with his father, “Ollie”, who started the business in 1955. He worked then as a mechanic. He and his wife, Sonya became sole owners in 1984. Earl’s hobbies are snowmobiling, talking about snowmobiling, antique snowmobiles, hunting, fishing, and playing with the grandkids. He definitely is a people person. He has a passion for selling and loves to use all of the products that we sell. For him Knowledge is King. He knows his stuff. He is very proud of the quality of the products that we sell. A quality product helps bring a customer back in the store. Having been a technician himself, he also knows the true value of SERVICE. So these three things have a huge part of why we’ve been in business since 1955, service, product, and knowledge. By the way, did we tell you that he likes to talk, doesn’t matter the age or the topic, he will carry on a conversation with you. Just stop in and ask for Earl.

Jayme Anderson

Vice President/Service Technician/Shop Manager

Jayme has been working at Ollie’s Service since he was three feet high when he would come to work with his dad or his mom. He attended the Alexandria Technical College for Machine Assembly Technician, had a job in that field for a brief period of time. He decided to come back to the store and now holds the 3 titles. He prides himself in getting things done and back to the customer in the shortest period of time. He is married to his wife Elizabeth; they have three sons and one girl, Grayson, Cooper, Keegen and Marah. His first hobby is this family, then fishing and hunting. He is a master technician in BRP.

Sonya Anderson


Sonya became a part of the business when she married Earl in 1970. She started doing light bookkeeping by helping with the monthly statements, and continued with that to this day. She stayed home with their 4 kids, Terry, Bryan, Jodi, & Jayme until they were all in school. Now the light bookkeeping is full time plus. She computerized the accounts receivable in 1988, then the inventory and accounts payable, and finally the payroll. Things have sure changed in technology from the bookkeeping to our products. Reports are much easier now. As for hobbies, Sonya enjoys the grand kids, fishing any kind of fish, and hunting. She directs a lot of her time into woodcarving.

Brad Noetzelman

Sales/Parts Manager/Sales Manager

Brad started his reign at Ollie’s Service in June of 1994. He runs a smooth parts & sales Department and is very knowledgeable about the products we sell.

Matt Klemm

Service Technician/Assistant Shop Manager

Matt came to us while he was going to the Alexandria Technical College for the Marine and Small Engine program, he started here in May of 1999. He has been Mr. Reliable, steady and accurate. He knows the products that we sell. He is also a Master Technician in BRP.

Oliver (Ollie) Anderson

No present title, but has held many of them

Oliver Anderson is the man that we should mention. He’s been here just about every day this fall and winter. He is a true hobby connoisseur. He has gotten into restoring pedal tractors and cars. He has made tractors out of pop cans. He is presently making a miniature working tractor (IH) out of a lawn mower (see photo). There are times when you go back in the shop and Ollie, Earl, and Jayme are all working on this thing. It will be cute when he gets it done. I believe it won’t be too much longer. We will put a picture on when he gets it done. If you ever ask him what’s his secret to looking so young at 85, he will tell you that he gets out of bed in the morning and does something. He says you have to keep the mind and body moving.


Four Generations

In the picture is Oliver Anderson (87), Earl Anderson (58), Jayme Anderson (31), Grayson Anderson (9), Cooper Anderson (4), and Keegen Anderson (2). Grayson is on a 1967 Allis Chalmers Garden Tractor that Ollie sold new, traded it back in and restored it. Cooper is on a 75th Simplicity Tractor that was in a parade in Port Washington, WI in 1997. Ollie and Earl participated in the parade at Simplicity's 75th anniversary and it was in the parade with 800 other Simplicity Tractors just like this one and made the Guinness Book of World Records. Keegen is on a new 2009 Simplicity Legacy 4x4. Ollie started the business in the fall of 1955 and is proud of what is has become.